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Glockner Oil provides the cleanest and most efficient selection of fuels available.

  • Increase Efficiency
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Glockner Oil is proud to offer a selection of the cleanest, most efficient fuels – unleaded, diesel, E85Gasoline and biodiesel- with Easy Access capability to assist you in quick fueling of all your vehicles.

To further assist you, Glockner Oil’s Card Lock Fueling System is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can get the fuel you need, whenever you need it. Glockner Oil is also pleased to offer fuel additives for increased performance, no matter how cold the weather, so you will have the added peace of mind your diesel based vehicles will run smoothly and reliably.

In addition, the use of fuel additives will assist in increased performance, which will result in saving you valuable time and money. Finally, Glockner Oil is pleased to help you and your customers in Going Green. Every fuel we offer includes environmentally friendly components, allowing for reduced emissions and reduced fuel usage.  In addition, we offer EPA approved Lifetime Manifesting on used oil, antifreeze and oily water pickup, in addition to used filter, oil dry pad and solvent collection. We recycle as much as possible and dispose of the rest in adherence to EPA standards.

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