About Glockner Oil

“I have no bargains to offer, except in the sense of good goods at reasonable prices and a strong guarantee! When you buy from me, you have the assurance that I am right here to make anything right that isn’t.”

–Alexander Glockner, 1904

Our History

After splitting from Glockner Supply Company, Glockner Oil Company was established in 1968 as a sub-distributor for Quaker State. For its first 10 years, Glockner Oil operated from an empty box trailer and a pickup truck as we sold case goods to local companies. In 1978, we expanded to a 3,000 square foot warehouse in Portsmouth, Ohio, and we grew to be a full distributor for Quaker State.

As our growth accelerated, we moved into a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Lucasville, Ohio, and delivered goods and bulk to mass retailers like K-Mart, Hill’s, Maloney’s, Heck’s and others. We added employees, bulk storage tanks and several other brands of products, including Valvoline, Castrol, Kendall, Shell and Texaco.Glockner Oil continued to grow, expanding to two locations and covering 11 states. We acquired smaller lube distributers, Kanawha Valley Oil Co., Commercial Lubricants Company and a Chevron contract.

In 1987, we purchased a large warehouse facility in Piketon, Ohio, and we consolidated our operations. In the early 1990s, Glockner Oil joined the Association of Independent Oil Distributors, a national group of select peers. We then expanded to Columbus, Ohio, to supply a growing chain of quick lubes. We added fuel to our portfolio and we continued to grow through grass roots customer services.In 2005, we added environmental goods and services with the capabilities to recover used oil, coolants, filters and oily water, which are recycled into usable products. In 2007, we purchased the assets of Holton Oil Co. in Columbus. It quickly grew out of its small warehouse and moved into its current 42,000 square foot facility.

With the acquisition came additional suppliers: Chevron, Conoco/Kendall and Brad Penn. In 2008, we purchased the lubricant contracts of Vulcan Oil Co. in Cincinnati. We purchased the assets of New Era Environmental Company in 2012, adding its owner to our staff as well as its small facility in Cincinnati. The Glockner Family

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Our Family

The Glockner Family has been providing transportation in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky for more than 160 years spanning six generations. It began in 1847 when Bernard Glockner emigrated from Germany and started selling bicycles at a hardware store. Bernard’s sons were busy growing the family business when a buggy salesman named W.C. Durant came calling. Durant later founded General Motors Corporation and again called on Glockner, awarding them a Chevrolet franchise in 1912. In fact, we remain the oldest continuously owned and operated franchise today. When potential customers wanted to know what to do with their horse and buggy if they bought a new car, Glockner would take them in as trade, establishing Glockner as the first horse traders in automotive history.

The Glockner business continued to grow as new generations took the helm. Ebby Glockner expanded it to include heavy truck and trailer sales, as well as an oil distributorship and leasing agency. Quality Car & Truck Leasing has been in business for more than 50 years, making it the oldest lease company in the state. Glockner Oil Company was founded in 1968. Andy Glockner, Ebby’s son, founded Glockner Honda and Toyota, and established Rosemount City Insurance Agency and Glockner Auto Credit.As the sixth generation of Glockners, Tim, Joe and Mike are poised to continue growing the enterprise and serve the transportation needs of their communities. In December 2012, the Glockner brothers opened the Glockner Used Car Outlet in Wheelersburg, Ohio. In September 2013, Glockner Company added South Point Ford to their family of dealerships and in April 2014 Glockner Auto Credit of South Point.

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